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Faucet and fixture

There are many different kinds of faucets available for your home or business. Some faucets have washers, others are washer-less. From leaks and drips to noises and cracks, time and continuous use can wear away at even the most ruggedly built faucets and fixtures. Varick Street Plumbing and Heating offers faucet repair and rebuilding, as well as many unique designs for in-home faucet replacement.

An automatic control for a kitchen and/or lavatory faucet can significantly reduce water consumption through intermittent operation. Because so many of the functions that faucets are used for also require the use of an operator, using a hand to also operate the water flow can result in wasted water between the time that a hand moves from lever to the next object or task at hand -- a bar of soap, pot to fill with water, or dish for rinsing. There are many technologies to control the flow of water that do not require a hand for operation.